How does it work?

  • Most of our daily activities such as using electricity, transportation, consuming food, buying clothes, using water or disposing waste cause CO2 pollution. This is what we call our “carbon footprint”. And yes, it’s bad for the planet and a big cause of the actual climate change crisis.

  • Some projects such as planting trees, protecting forests, wildlife and biodiversity or investing in renewable energy among others help reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere and are great way to fight against climate change. GoPositiveNow helps you offset your carbon footprint in an easy and affordable way by supporting some of these hand-picked certified solutions that reduce CO2 in the atmosphere.

Who is behind Go PositiveNow?

We are a team of committed and skilled humans from diverse study areas, which came together for a common goal: making climate action possible for everyone.

Is GoPositiveNow a non-profit organization?

No, we are a social company.

GoPositiveNow is determined to make real and efficient changes, and in order for this to happen we need funds and resources which we only can find in this type of structure.

  • What means to offset my carbon footprint?

    Through our diverse Gold Standard, VCS and CR certified projects we offset the equivalent emissions of your footprints, aiming for a zero net effect on the climate.

  • How can I be sure that my money is making a real change?

    You will be able to see your impact by logging into your account. You will keep detailed track of how much CO2 you have offset and how many trees have been planted on your behalf.

How can I make sure that the projects are reliable and professional?

We perform a detailed analysis to find the best projects to invest across the globe.

We look for real impact on real communities, making sure those projects are certified by Gold Standard, VCS and CR which set the standard for climate and development intervations.

Our reforestation partner, The Eden Project, has planted more than 423.000.000 trees in 8 countries on 170+ different projects.

What do you do with my money?

  • We use a big porcentaje of your monthly subscription to retire carbon credits that really make a substantial impact in our environment removing CO2 and to plant trees along with The Eden Project.

  • Another part is used to help engage more people like you through different communication channels in order to really make an impact on the global climate change.

  • The rest is used to support payment platform’s fees, infrastructure cost and salaries to the most brilliant people we can hire in order to be able to increase the impact of our movement as fast as we can.

Can I use it as a gift for someone else?

We would be happy to! At GoPositiveNow we believe that there is no bigger gift than leaving your mark on the fight against climate change!

That’s why we offer a gift option for special occasions, just write us an email to gift@gopositivenow.org and we will get in touch.

  • What else can I do to help?

    Help us spread the word by telling your friends and family about us. You can also follow us on social media.

  • Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

    Of course. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time from our website, by logging in. If you have any problems or questions you can also contact us at info@gopositivenow.org