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Understand the sources of CO2 emissions

Our "carbon footprint" from everyday activities emits CO2, damaging the planet and fueling climate change.


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Planting trees & investing in renewable energy reduce the CO2 in the atmosphere.


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Lower your carbon emissions by backing various eco-friendly projects

Our selection of projects are Gold Standard, VCS and CR certified.

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"Love! Easy to use, effective carbon offset program. Plus, planting trees in my name makes me feel like I'm making a real difference in fighting climate change. Highly recommended!"
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"This site is amazing! I can see my progress and how I'm contributing to CO2 emissions reduction and tree planting. It's a great way to be aware of my environmental impact and do something positive for the planet. Thanks"
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"Since using, I've significantly reduced my carbon footprint. Love being able to see my real-time positive impact and support different sustainability projects. Great way to make a real difference!"

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Questions about Go Positive

Our mission at GoPositiveNow is to make a real an measurable impact in the fight against climate change. As a social enterprise, we have the flexibility to access resources and funding that can help us achieve this goal more efficiently than a traditional non-profit structure.

Our diverse range of Gols Standar, VCS, and CR certified projects enable us to offset CO2 emissions, with the goal of achieving a net-zero effect on the climate. By investing in these certified projects, we can make a real and measurable impact in the fight against climate change.

You will be able to see your impact by logging into your account. You will keep detailed track of how much CO2 you have offset and how many trees have been planted on your behalf.

Of course. You can cancel or pause your subscription an any time from our website, by logging in. If you have any problems or questions you can also contact us at

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